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'GINO VANNELLI LIVE IN LA' IS OUT: The 28th of August 2015!
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Also for sale in Holland, the Netherlands at and it's a box with a CD & a DVD !!!
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Gino Vannelli and His new Familymember
Gino Vannelli starts the new
year 2014 with a cute & gorgeous new Familymember!
His name is Bodhi Vannelli(!)
Tuesday 29 October 2013 Gino Vannelli
in Montréal, Québec, Canada. Gino sings
the National anthems before the ice
hockey game: Montreal Canadiens
against the Dallas Stars at the Bell centre!

Gino Vannelli sings the national Anthems 29 October 2013 in Montreal

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Gino Vannelli in Windsor, ON, Canada on Saterday 3 September 2011

GINO VANNELLI in Windsor, Ontario, Canada on Saterday 3 September 2011. The very first GINO VANNELLI pictures came in Sunday 4 September 2011 from Kathleen & David Marcaccio who travelled from Michigan to Ontario to enjoy Gino Vannelli's show, Kathleen made a real work of art??? Didn't she??? This picture is stolen so many times that it must be the top of photography or is it art??? A BIG THANK YOU TO KATHLEEN.

Gino Vannelli in Canada 2006 Gino Vannelli in Holland 1992


Gino Vannelli flowers
Gino Vannelli: The Man and His Music

albums : 18 Musical
Works of Art !!!

* 1973 : Crazy Life
* 1974 : Powerful People
* 1975 : Storm at Sunup
* 1976 : The Gist of the Gemini
* 1977 : A Pauper in Paradise

* 1978 : Brother to Brother
* 1981 : Nightwalker
* 1984 : Black Cars
* 1987 : Big Dreamers Never sleep
* 1990 :
Inconsolable Man
* 1992 : Live in Montréal
* 1995 : Yonder Tree
* 1998 : Slow Love
* 2003 : Canto
* 2006 : These Are The days
* 2009 : A Good Thing
* 2011 : North Sea Jazz 2002 & the
..............Metropole Orchestra


Gino Vannelli on Gino Vannelli and Hoover Vannelli

Pure Music, Timeless Music, Music without borderlines, Music for each mood, Music in Poetry, Poetry in Music, Music straight from the Heart, Gratifying Music, Serious Music, Music and Lyrics that feeds your Soul, Perfect Music and SUPERB MUSIC!!

Gino Vannelli in Montréal 29 October 2010.

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Barend & Gino


Gino Vannelli

Gino Vannelli's Music and Voice can give people comfort and help in people's deepest despair and sorrow. Gino Vannelli's Music and Lyrics can teach people a lesson. Gino Vannelli's Music and melodies can make people smile and feel good.............There's none so BEAUTIFUL!!!

Here I write you dear
Seems our love had to run
And how I wish you here
Cause Lady you are
Oh maybe you are the one

I know, here I'am alone
Guess we kids had our fun
And I hear you've grown
To the lady you are
Oh maybe you are the one

I realize that I'am just a boy
who believes in what he feels
And my dreams have all been
changed by what is real
Will you write me dear
Only now as best friends
I'll always wish, I'll always wish you here
Oh then Lady for me
Say you'll begin again my love


GINO VANNELLI's MUSIC, VOICE and LYRICS are a total and complete musical and lyrical SATISFACTION, for the ears and hearts of other Musicians but also for
simple non-musicians like we are.


Gino Vannelli in real Dutch rainy weather

Gino Vannelli's BIG smile !!!
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