A Newbie’s Bodybuilding Guide

Lee Haney. Dexter Jackson. Arnold Schwarzeneger. The incredible hulk. If posters of these people are pasted on your wall or they are your most searched people in Google, then surely you have been dreaming of having their perfectly sculptured physique.

Most people think bodybuilding is just a few trips to the gym. What they do not know is that behind those muscles are discipline and determination in order to achieve the proper results.

It is always best to start right. Examine the reasons behind your work-out sessions. What do you want to achieve? Some are aiming for weight loss. Others to build their bodies. Thus, set a goal.

Bodybuilding is divided into two areas. The first is workout, the second, nutrition. These two go together in achieving those quality muscles in your body. They have to be religiously adhered to and to be properly carried out.

The first thing is to create the appropriate plan. In creating this bodybuilding plan, consider body type, age, metabolism, activity level, financial capacity and most importantly, your schedule. You need to stick to this plan to achieve your six-pack goals. There are available plans you can find online if you will be doing home sessions. Use them as guide. Choose according to their appropriateness and convenience. Else, hire a trainer.

Now, it is time to flex those muscles. Before you do so, take note of the word recovery. It is very important in bodybuilding. It is that time when your muscles are growing. Start with the 3-day a week full body routine. This routine does not do much for recovery — growth of muscles. This is best for losing weight which then leads to having the right body form. Do basic exercises for each of these muscle groups: chest, shoulders, back, biceps, triceps, abs, legs and glutes. Start with two exercises, 3 sets or 8 to 12 repetitions of the exercises. Remember to do the exercises the proper way. Feel the muscles . Each movement is supposed to be working the muscles. Do this for the first month. For the following months, do the split routine. Your body is now prepared for more exercises. It can withstand harder training.

Nutrition is another important consideration. “You are what you eat”, that old saying applies in bodybuilding. This is where your body’s metabolism plays a very important role. Know your daily calorie intake, protein intake and carbohydrate intake. The protein intake is 1 to 1.5 gram per pound of a person’s body weight. The carbohydrate intake is 2 gram per pound of a person’s body weight. Divide these into 6 — the recommended number of meals a bodybuilder must have . That means instead of having 3 full big meals, mealtime is divided into 6 small meals throughout the day.

Basically, if you reduce your intake of carbohydrates, sugars, white flour products and fried food, then you are good to go. Once you are building muscles, increase protein intake. The food rich in protein are chicken, tuna, egg whites, steak, fish.At times, it is difficult to meet the needed protein intake, this is where food supplements come handy. For protein , there are available protein powder in the form of whey protein. Other needed supplements are multivitamins and minerals, and creatine. This is a great source for essential body nutrients for maintaining a healthy body. The creatine is for energy and for quality muscle growth.

Now, you are ready to embark the next level of bodybuilding. Go flex those muscles!